How to Buy Kratom Online Using Bitcoin or Ethereum

It is basically a decentralized form of currency used to transfer value instantly and securely from one place or person to another. Completely managed by the users using blockchain technology and not banks or governments. Managed on an open network by the users.

What is Bitcoin and Ethereum?

So, to someone not experienced with Bitcoin or Ethereum this may seem like too much. But I promise you that it is not, and you will be happy you did this in the end. After all, this is the future!

Is Bitcoin and Ethereum Like A 3 rd Party Payment App?

No. These crypto coins were designed to be used as payment methods on the internet. No banks, no governments, no institutions, needed. A blockchain network and what it is used for cannot be dictated by anyone.

How Can I Purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum?

There are several ways you can do this. Many exchanges exist that you can do this on. The most well-known exchange is Coinbase. It is very user friendly, and they offer some of the top crypto coins. In Coinbase you can buy, send, and receive crypto coins. Many exchanges can seem overwhelming and confusing and that is exactly why we recommend Coinbase.

So, How Do I Buy Kratom From Otie’s With Crypto?

Step One:

If you do not already have a crypto account then create an account with a well-known crypto exchange. Like Coinbase. There are many other exchanges but Coinbase is most well-known and user friendly. Link a payment source to the exchange. You will then purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum and it will be placed into your wallet. If only purchasing these crypto coins for the purpose of Otie’s Botanicals always purchase a small bit more. The price of these coins rises and falls so it is best to be sure to make sure you purchase enough to cover your order. Even if it is only a few cents in question. It is recommended to purchase a dollar or so more BTC or ETH than the cost of your Otie’s order. After doing so your exchange wallet will be funded.

Step Two:

During check out select “Pay With Cryptocurrency.” On the next screen you will put in all your information. Select Bitcoin or Ethereum depending on which one you are paying with. A payment address will be displayed, and you will send your crypto in the amount shown to that address from your Coinbase account or whatever crypto exchange you are using. Make sure you select the exact crypto coin you want to use, and you copy the address exactly the way it is. This is VERY IMPORTANT. It is that easy! Once we have received your funds (usually quickly) we will mark your order as paid and prepare it to ship. You will receive confirmation and tracking as usual. Congratulations! You have made your first crypto payment!
Welcome to the future!