Our Gold & Yellow Kratom

At Otie’s Botanicals, Yellow Kratom is a fermented White Vein where Gold Kratom is a fermented blend of Red and Green kratom. Both are very popular and provide unique effects.

Where Does Gold and Yellow Kratom Come From?

Yellow kratom is a unique variety of the traditional kratom plant. Yellow kratom is known for its distinct characteristics. Unlike other types of kratom, which are usually categorized by their natural vein color (such as red, green, and white), yellow kratom doesn’t naturally occur in this hue. Yellow kratom actually undergoes a specialized process which enhances it and alters its color to a pale yellow shade, hence the name “yellow kratom”. This process gives yellow kratom a reputation for providing a balanced blend of effects, combining the energizing properties of white strains with the relaxation and relief associated with red strains.

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