Otie’s Split Kilo: Customize Your Kratom Kilo

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Split A Kilo Between 2 & 5 Different Strains

[You Must Choose A Different Strain For Each Option. Duplicate Strains Will NOT Be Accepted! Your Order Will Be Automatically Changed]


*Some Strains May Be Unavailable In The Split Kilo Due To Low Quantities*


Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) is a tropical evergreen tree part of the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. It can be found in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and a few others. All of Otie’s Botanicals Kratom Powder products are milled perfectly down to the nano level.

Must be 18+ to order/purchase. Products cannot be shipped to certain states/counties. Please read our full legal disclaimer HERE.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

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Dive into the world of diverse kratom strains with Otie’s Botanicals. Our Split A Kratom Kilo offering is an enticing opportunity to experience multiple strains within a single kilogram.

A Symphony of Strains in One Kilo

For just $100.00, immerse yourself in the versatility of kratom with a kilogram split between 2 to 5 different strains. Discover a harmonious blend of flavors, aromas, and effects, carefully curated to provide you with a well-rounded and satisfying experience.

High Ratings, High Quality

Rated an impressive 4.92 out of 5 based on feedback from our community, our Split A Kratom Kilo has garnered praise for its quality and effectiveness. Join the chorus of satisfied customers who have explored the richness of our diverse kratom offerings.

Understanding Kratom

Derived from Mitragyna Speciosa, a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, kratom has a rich cultural heritage in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. At Otie’s Botanicals, our commitment to quality is reflected in our finely milled kratom powder products, ensuring every dose meets the highest standards.

Ordering Information: Must be 18+

To embark on this journey, please note that customers must be 18 years or older to order or purchase. Additionally, be aware that product shipments are restricted to specific states and counties. Review our comprehensive legal disclaimer HERE for a detailed understanding of our terms and conditions.

12 reviews for Otie’s Split Kilo: Customize Your Kratom Kilo

  1. Audrey (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous option for people who know exactly what they want and like! The price is unbeatable and it’s the perfect way to keep your favorites on hand! Great for mixing and expierimenting too!!!

  2. aschwahn (verified owner)

    I ordered a 4 way split kilo Friday, and it showed up Monday already. definitely fastest shipping ever, ive only tried the red bali so far, but it seems to be up there, with some of the highest quality ive kratom had so far. definitely cant go wrong with these guys.

  3. Kelly Smith (verified owner)

    I ordered a 5 way split. Great option if you like to rotate products.

  4. Christy Brown (verified owner)

    I love that they have a 5 way split kilo. All the strains I received are super fine grind and very potent! Oties has some seriously potent leaf with great effects you will need less than normal for awesome results. Awesome customer service and very friendly they are one of the best! 5 star for sure

  5. Amanda Bristow (verified owner)

    I am absolutely im love with the super green! Literally the best strain ever. The customer service is exceptional as well.

  6. Aaron Lowe

    Top Notch, Fresh Kratom ☆☆☆☆☆

  7. Michelle cox (verified owner)

    I love oties ❣️ definitely my number one they are top notch quality. No other place compares 🔥 The customer service is great ! You really can’t go wrong with them and definitely will NOT be disappointed.

  8. Dorothy Cunningham (verified owner)

    Love the Product, Love the Customer Service, easy to order….one of my GO TO venders!

  9. Jimmy Mack (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product second to none. Split a kilo is for the person who wants a long lasting supply at an amazing price. Plus when u split it you know you have a choice of all your favorite strains. A definite must have for the kratom consumer who’s likes variety and doesn’t want to order every month or week. Plus their customer service is unbeatable. The only company I’ve encountered that cares for their customers so much

  10. William (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful way to try out Oties leaf
    5 way split is the way to go
    Fast ship and great customer support

  11. Texx2405

    Great deal on high quality leaf and you can pick and choose based on preferences. Oties customer service is happy to provide you with recommendations to make it that much better if a buy.

  12. Leigh P. (verified owner)

    My favorite vendors from which I adore ordering my split kilos. Saves tons of money and allows for a greater amount of outstanding kratom as part of your permanent rotation. In fact, I can’t go without my Otie’s and as soon as my last split kilos starts to trickle low, I immediately order another. Some strains are staples for me and others are new to me because I know that there is literally no such thing as Otie’s product that doesn’t knock my socks off. Off to place my split kilos order now! Trust me on this one.

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