Our Kratom Alternatives

A kratom alternative refers to a substance or product that a somebody may use instead of regular kratom. While we offer a large variety of Kratom products, we also offer several quality kratom alternatives for people searching for different options.

What is the Purpose of a Kratom Alternative?

Kratom alternatives are often sought by people looking for different options to meet their needs. These various kratom alternatives can include herbal remedies, natural supplements, or other botanical substances that offer similar effects in terms of relaxation, mood enhancement, or other typical effects that are historically associated with Kratom. Here at Otie’s Botanicals, we provide a variety of kratom alternatives to our customers looking for something just a little bit different. Stem & Vein, Javanica & Hirsuta are all serve as a great alternative to the usual kratom strains. They can also all be used to reset your tolerance level.

Why are Javanica & Hirsuta Used as Kratom Alternatives?

Javanica and Hirsuta are both species of south Asian plants that are sometimes used as kratom alternatives. Javanica, which is scientifically known as Mitragyna javanica, and Hirsuta, scientifically known as Mitragyna hirsuta, belong to the same genus as kratom (Mitragyna), meaning they are closely related. While they are in fact related to kratom, these two plants are known to have milder effects and are not as widely known of or used. Some of our customers however prefer Javanica or Hirsuta as a kratom alternative in order to achieve similar effects or to reset their tolerance for regular kratom.

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