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Not only is the product excellent, but the customer service exceeds my expectations no matter what it is I’m in need of. I’ve tried many different companies before Otie’s, and none compare to the amazing quality you get from the product and people. Look no further, as you will be fully satisfied with your entire experience. They’ve made a repeat/permanent customer out of me!


Becca is by far the best vendor I have ever dealt with, she treats you like you are a human being with a need for her product, instead of just the next order. If you are thinking of trying Otie’s Botanicals just do it, you will see that is the best all the way around!


I really appreciated the response when I asked for help in choosing a variety. Adam was like The Kratom Whisperer and after reading my description of where I was coming from, I’m a retired construction worker, he offered up an ideal choice by way of Green Malay, in addition to my other picks. I was trying Otie’s Botanicals mostly out of curiosity as I’m stocked up for my personal use for months ahead. But I think I’ll have to lay in a reorder as it was just that good.


The kratom is the bomb.com. Thank you so much!! Ordering mom some now!

Just want to say thank you. My first order with you guys and I was pleasantly surprised. I have been order from larger manufactures and the product is inconsistent at best. I appreciate the prompt shipping and the Kratom is excellent. You have a new consistent customer. Much appreciated.
Great product, I personally like the Super House Mix & the customer service was great. I’ll definitely be ordering again
5 Stars all the way. I’m now your customer from here on out. I was paying that price for half of what I get with you. Thanks again Adam and Becca and props to Otie
I’m so happy that I finally found high quality Kratom at a good price and fast delivery. Thanks so much!
Love your product it is top notch. Thank you all, pet Otie for us.
FYI, if you need help ordering, Becca is a doll! She is so kind and a ton of help! She held my hand through the whole process!
Loved everything about it. Shipping/Weight/Quality. Thanks again, scratch Otie behind the ears .
Your product is great, the price was unbelievable. I will be dealing with you from now on. Thanks again.
Great customer service! Once again, thanks for going above and beyond.

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