Green Dragon Kratom


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Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) is a tropical evergreen tree part of the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. It can be found in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and a few others. All of Otie’s Botanicals Kratom Powder products are milled perfectly down to the nano level.

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Green Dragon Kratom

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa.

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Green Dragon Kratom & Thai Kratom


What Makes Thai Kratom Special?

Green Dragon Kratom is a highly popular variant of Thai Kratom. Essentially, due to Thai Kratom evolving in completely different climate and soil conditions than Indonesian Kratom. It has a very unique alkaloids profile. Specifically, Thai Kratom is perhaps the most calming Kratom strain.

Effects of Green Dragon Kratom

Likewise, all of the above is true for Dragon Kratom, since Dragon Kratom is a variation of Thai Kratom.
The primary difference being that Dragon Kratom is considered more energizing than regular Thai Kratom.
Scientifically, this is likely due to Dragon Kratom containing naturally high concentrations of Mitragynine.
The most important thing to know is that due to the high levels of Mitragynine . Green Vein Kratom leads to a more invigorating experience, and is the perfect option for the daytime or work.

Overall, Green Dragon Kratom has unique effects, and is one of the only know variations of Thai Kratom . Therefore every Kratom connoisseur should have this strain in their collection.

Harvesting Green Dragon Kratom

Notably, this Green Dragon Kratom was harvested from more mature leaves which contain maximum levels of Mitragynine, and then this Kratom went through a specialized drying process involving a mixture of drying in a room with no light and briefly drying out in the sun, unlike White Vein Kratom which is dried only in a room with no light. The mature nature of the leaves at harvesting time and the specialized drying process is what defines this strain as Green Vein.

The most important thing to know is that due to the high levels of Mitragynine relative to Red Vein and White Vein, Green Vein Kratom leads to a more invigorating experience, and is the perfect option for the daytime or work.

17 reviews for Green Dragon Kratom

  1. Joshua Hernandez

    Holy crap this is one hellava strain. I got the wobbles with my usual dose (which is my own fault for not starting at a low dosage) but besides that this is the most primal green strain you’ll ever try! Start low!

  2. joshzimon (verified owner)

    By far my favorite strain and the cleanest tasting Kratom I have had. Take this in reasonable doses.

  3. James Gallardo

    Wow, im impressed. Phenomenal Green Dragon. A lot better than GRN dragon that I’ve had from other vendors it’s a great pick me up especially early in the day or mid definitely my favorite Green from this vendor. I’d say this is worth the pickup I really enjoy it’s nice mood lift and energy.

  4. JonnyDawgz (verified owner)

    Very potent. Love the euphoria. Try this one for sure.

  5. jimmy sanchez (verified owner)

    i absolutely adore this strain!!!!!!! it always puts me in the greatest mood and even my friends who weren’t too sure about kratom love this strain’s effects. the taste is very fresh and strong but not overpowering or gritty; the grind is always consistent throught every order i’ve made from y’all and so is the quality. never stop !!

  6. THOMAS Hauge (verified owner)

    Green Dragon is my second choice after white elephant. great for my pain and mood too.

  7. SofloNick

    Green EXCELLENCE! Adam & Becca continue to deliver year after year with high end products and A1 customer service. Cant say enough about their love and dedication to the Kratom industry and it more than shows when it comes to the quality botanicals they distribute. From day one their hearts were in it and now they are thriving as a loved vendor in the kratom game. Another great green from grind to texture, taste & most importantly clear smooth potent focus and effects. Well done!

  8. Daytonmagee (verified owner)

    Very pleasant aroma and taste. Very very good green. You definitely won’t be disappointed, worth more than what it costs.

  9. Texx2405 (verified owner)

    Absolutely one of my favorite greens from any vendor. Fast onset, long duration, and excellent energy with relief physically and mentally!! Must buy from Oties right here.

  10. nicholas reppond (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Best strain.

  11. nikecheck9 (verified owner)

    I bought green dragon for my first time trying kratom I grabbing 250 grams thinking it was a hell of a deal I have been able to cut my oxycodone use in half using this strain haven’t tried any others but if there any like this I can’t wait the taste is a bit strong but been mixing 7gs with chocolate milk I think this strain is great for playing video games

  12. Boomkittens

    This one is strong! Took more than I needed to and had the wobbles. I think I like this one though. Had good body vibes and euphoria, nice mood lift. Will come back to this one and take a smaller dose next time lol

  13. Christie Donnelly (verified owner)

    I am new to the world of Kratom, and tried a few other places before finding Otie’s. This is by far a more potent and wonderful product than the other’s I sampled. So far, this Green Dragon is my fav, and I also like to mix it with a white from Oties. I reached out for info, and the customer service was also stellar.

  14. Mitchell Isaacson

    surprised me how strong this one is. I am a lightweight so I learned that this was maybe a bit too much power for me in my normal dose of 1.5g… Which is why the sampler pack is a good idea. also seemed to work faster than i expected. powder quality is excellent, as are all of Otie’s that I’ve tried.

  15. Greendragon123

    Very good well balanced green! Not too energizing and not too sedating!

  16. Michael Miller (verified owner)

    This one didn’t really do it for me, can’t believe I’m saying this at all, but seemed to make my anxiety worse,

  17. Jay Labosky

    Green Malay : jus got in the mail. Took 3 grams bout 20 min ago.. very mild taste , very fresh , gettin tht nice feeling comin on right now.. completely satisfied !!

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