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Kratom House Mix


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The best of all worlds! Red Malay, White Elephant & Green Dragon are blended together in perfect balanced harmony.

Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) is a tropical evergreen tree part of the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. It can be found in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and a few others. All of Otie’s Botanicals Kratom Powder products are milled perfectly down to the nano level.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa.

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14 reviews for Kratom House Mix

  1. Todd_V (verified owner)

    I got this strain when I couldn’t figure out which strain to get. The blend of strains had me energetic, pain free and in a good mood. Will get a blend again.

  2. Janelle Kressley

    This is the best blend I’ve ever had from anywhere! Equally energizing and pain relief! Definitely recommend!

  3. Gary Greenfield

    Great Blend. I had my doubts because i never have to much luck with bali and have disappointing results from other vendors kali no matter the stain color of kali i wasn’t like ooooh this is nice, I don’t know how this blend is blended but i feel great for taking it my first time. Ive only taken the green bali from them and was surprised with that This blend definitely caught me off guard with its potency for being a house blend. A lot of times i find in house blends to be more on the underwhelming side. Great Mood lift, Motivation, Clear Head cant ask for more than that. I can probably re create this and make it much more potent. Using White Indo (be careful very strong strain), Gold Bali instead of red since its a bit more potent and then green malay instead of the green bali might mess around with my frankenstein of a blend later on or tomorrow. Remember guys take your kratom with something acidic it helps your body absorb alkaloids it would usually, GrapeFruit Juice, OJ, lemonade real stuff not fake sugar juice. Mix your kratom with lemon extract to a past then add juice. You will get way better results i promise. I just went 3 days without those and just got them this AM and holy crap is the potency a lot higher,

  4. Leah

    This house mix is my favorite from Otie’s! The perfect combination of pain relief and mood lifter. Great service from this company too.

  5. Dale Gould (verified owner)

    This blend is awesome!! The energy and pain relief are the best I’ve ever had!! Also the shipping was super fast and prices are the best around!! Will definitely buy again!!5 stars from me!!

  6. Shelly Upchurch (verified owner)

    This is my favorite kratom of all I’ve ever tried! I love the mood lift it gives me, and feeling of peace. Great blend!

  7. Denise Evans

    This was the first time I tried a mix, and in my opinion, Oties got it just right. I found it to work very fast, like in about 10 minutes. I did have an empty stomach, and it really was very calming for me, and that’s something, seeing as how I am usually going 50 different directions and going no where 😉 But I didn’t feel knocked out, as I still wanted to do things around the house, but calmly. Instead of 50 directions, just maybe 25, LOL!! I just liked it because a red can really drag me down, and a White can really wire me so yeah, House Mix very good balance 😉

  8. CA Smith (verified owner)

    This is literally my favorite daytime Kratom EVER!!! This gives me intense motivation and makes me happy and want to actually do things like work, exercise and basically live life 🙂 I struggle with motivating myself to do pretty much anything and I have depression. This completely reverses that. I wouldn’t take this in the evening as I would most likely be up all night but for daytime use, I have never found one this good. Great stuff! I also love this company too and this is the only place I buy my Kraton from now.

  9. Charles

    Great blend,Fresh and clean.Energy,pain relief

  10. Tanner

    This is a potent and well rounded mix. I was surprised how hard it hit! This one mixes well with a small amount of stem and vein. I gotta say everything I’ve tried from oties has been great! The price is right and the product is awesome.

  11. Zadfrack1969 (verified owner)

    This is a perfect mix! It’s the best qualities of each color. Long lasting,Potent & Super Fresh. Shipping was really fast as well. I really recommend this mix. 10/10

  12. Leigh P.

    This is the best mix I have ever enjoyed and I’m a 9 year veteran kratomite! I mostly order reds, almost exclusively, but I needed something for my depression. This did it! I have never had a singular strain or blend that has uplifted me quite this well. It gave me energy and lifted my depression to the point I felt like a normal person again! This mix is divine and my next kilo WILL include house Mix.

  13. Texx2405

    Great morning strain with amazing pain relief! Top notch as always.

  14. Boomkittens

    I purchased the sampler pack and so far this is my second favorite (super green is my favorite) . I really like how I feel. Gives me decent energy with warm body feeling. The pain relief is great and lasts a good while. After a few hours it finishes off with a nice relaxing, mellow feeling. Great for the evening. You WONT be disappointed with this one!

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