Hello Otie’s Family!

Today we are going to talk about the various names our precious leaf is given. Otie’s Botanicals answer customer questions about strains and their names quite often. So, we wanted to give you some more information.

Strain names are all but names for marketing. I know that can be a let down for some. These names were all created by our awesome Indonesian farmers just for Kratom consumers, they know how much we all love options!

With that being said, a ‘Maeng Da’ from one vendor, will most likely not give you the exact same effects as one from another. We know a lot of people prefer to stick with a certain name. It is a comfort thing, Adam and I were the same way at one time, till we did some more research on our beloved plant. This is why we want to share as much information with you as possible.

The Three Major Kratom Strains

Please remember, there are only three Kratom vein colors. Red, Green & White vein. Believe it or not, most trees grow with a red vein! Green vein is fairly common as well, but white vein leaves are few and far between. Also, one tree can grow each color vein. Strains are all but blends of certain colored vein.
The drying process of these leaves after they are farmed is actually what gives us such a big difference in color. Indoor drying, outdoor drying, use of a UV light, fermentation, and variations of those processes give us the colors we know and love. For example, white strains are typically dried entirely inside, with little to no light. While reds are dried in sunlight, or with a strong UV light. Any strain can be fermented, which gives us our tried and true Red Bentuangie. Yellow and Gold strains are the most interesting of them all, but they are typically also fermented. They can be blends of a fermented red and green, white and green, etc.. It all depends on the farmer and/or vendor. The season in which these leaves were farmed also has a lot to do with potency. As well as location and the soil in which is grows. The rainy season in Indonesia is known to produce brighter or pale leaves, which sometimes can be less potent than the dry/hot season. All of these colors have different alkaloid properties, which in turn give us our very different effects.

Diverse Blends and Unique Experiences

These names given are typically blends of different colors. For example, a Green Maeng Da could be 80% green, 20% red. Most farmers have their own percentages for their strains. This is why Otie feels it is so important for everyone to branch out when it comes to names of strains. You may think that a Bali won’t work for you, because you tried one from another source. But you never know if a Bali from a different vendor could become one of your favorites! Not all strains are created equally. You may try a strain from a new vendor you have tried elsewhere, and the effects are completely different. This is why we offer our sample pack, to give new customers the opportunity to try them all!

Discover the Perfect Strains at Otie’s Botanicals

Please always read descriptions of the strains you are interested in, as well as reviews from other customers. Join our Facebook group, ask customers about their personal experiences. Try a little before purchasing a lot, and as always…start with a low dose and work your way up to find the right amount for you.

We hope this gives you the confidence to branch out with new strains, and strains you’ve previously tried. You just never know which strain will become your #1! 🖤🌿