Beginner Pack: Start Your Kratom Journey


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Try out the three main types of our Kratom! This pack is a great way to start your kratom journey and get an idea of how kratom will work for you. But, this is also a great way for experienced kratom users to get an idea of our company’s products.

You will get one ounce (28 grams each) of a red, green and white vein Kratom. Three ounces in total. Strains are suppliers choice.

If you are new to Kratom, we suggest ordering yourself some Blate Papes as well!

Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) is a tropical evergreen tree part of the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. It can be found in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and a few others. All of Otie’s Botanicals Kratom Powder products are milled perfectly down to the nano level.

Must be 18+ to order/purchase. Products cannot be shipped to certain states/counties. Please read our full legal disclaimer HERE.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa.

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Kratom Variety: Otie’s Botanicals Beginner Pack

Embark on your kratom journey with Otie’s Botanicals. Our specially curated Beginner Pack is a perfect introduction for newcomers and a delightful exploration for seasoned kratom enthusiasts.

A Trio of Strains for a Well-Rounded Experience

Indulge in one ounce (28 grams each) of red, green, and white vein kratom, carefully selected by our suppliers. With a total of three ounces, this pack offers a diverse range of experiences, allowing you to understand how different strains work for you. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, this variety pack provides a glimpse into the quality and diversity of Otie’s Botanicals products.

Supplier’s Choice: Unveiling Our Finest Selections

Let our suppliers guide your journey by curating a selection of their finest kratom strains for your Beginner Pack. Immerse yourself in the nuances of red, green, and white veins, each offering a unique profile and experience.

Enhance Your Experience: Introducing Blate Papes

For those new to kratom, we recommend complementing your experience with Blate Papes. Elevate your ritual and make the most of your kratom journey with these essential accessories.

Understanding Kratom: A Botanical Journey

Derived from Mitragyna Speciosa, a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, kratom has been a part of cultural traditions in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. At Otie’s Botanicals, our commitment to quality is reflected in our kratom powder products, finely milled down to the nano level for optimal potency.

Ordering Information: Must be 18+

To embark on this exploration, please note that customers must be 18 years or older to order or purchase. Additionally, kindly be aware that product shipments are restricted to specific states and counties. Read our comprehensive legal disclaimer HERE for a detailed understanding of our terms and conditions.

1 review for Beginner Pack: Start Your Kratom Journey

  1. Chelsea Kerns (verified owner)

    The Beginners Pack is absolutely PERFECT for someone starting out! I ordered one when I was starting out, and it gave me the opportunity to experiment with dosage and figure out which color worked best for me! You can read reviews all you want, but actually TESTING the product is the way to go! So this pack is a MUST HAVE FOR FIRST TIMERS!!

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