We all take our Kratom differently.

There are so many options!

Some people do toss and wash, which is taking a sip of liquid and dumping powder directly into their mouth and swallowing. It is not an easy method to get used to. One false move and you are choking on kratom powder, it’s coming out of your nose…but some people have it down to a science.

Some people drink it in tea. It isn’t the best tasting tea, but tap warm water helps with absorption. Some take capsules, but caps can take time to break down. Therefore it can be less effective for some people, or you need more caps to make up for it. Honey balls are taken like capsules and you don’t have the issue with gelatin breaking down in your stomach. Oblates are a great alternative to capsules, they don’t take as long to break down.

I personally like to mix mine into my morning protein shake. I feel it lasts longer, and the taste is masked by the chocolate protein powder. Sometimes, I mix my powder with a little lemonade and take it as a shot. Adam likes to mix his with a little bit of OJ and gulps it down, orange juice and lemonade both mask the flavor, and helps with absorption.

How do you take yours?

-Becca from Otie’s Botanicals