The FDA and DEA have yet to make a decision on the legality of Kratom across the United States. For some states, Kratom still remains a gray area for its citizens, for others, this plant is free to purchase and consume. Otie’s Botanicals strives to shed light on the diverse legal status of Kratom across different states in this guide.

The following states have banned Kratom or are in the process of banning Kratom.

  • Alabama – Kratom is a Schedule 1 controlled substance drug as of May 10, 2016.

  • Arkansas – Kratom is a controlled substance as of February 2016.

  • California – Kratom is legal except in San Diego where a local ordinance was passed,

  • Florida – Kratom is legal in Florida with the exception of Sarasota County.

  • Illinois – The sale of kratom is banned to minors under the age of 18, it is banned in Jerseyville, but is legal in the state.

  • Indiana – Kratom is classified as a synthetic drug and is banned

  • New Hampshire – Legal if you are 18 and over.

  • Rhode Island – Kratom is banned in this state

  • Tennessee – Kratom has just been made legal in this state.

  • Vermont – Kratom has been banned in vermont

  • Wisconsin – Kratom is classified as a Schedule 1 and is banned.

  • Columbus, Mississippi – Kratom is banned for sale in any store in this town.

  • Washington D.C. – Kratom is banned.