Kratom has been consumed within multiple cultures for centuries. But it wasn’t exactly on the radar in the US until a relatively short time ago. Today, there are currently more than 2 million kratom consumers across America.

As awareness of some of the reasons people are turning to kratom increases, so has the number of people asking how long it takes Kratom to kick in. Since “individual results can vary” is not a very precise (or informative) response, Otie’s Botanicals is here to help you explore some of those variables.

Common Factors Affecting Kratom Absorption Rates & Onset of Action

When people reach for a bottle of cold medication, the dosage information and anticipated onset of action are the same for most adults. The plant known as Kratom produces dozens of alkaloids that interact with key receptors in the brain, central nervous system, and gastrointestinal tract.

Once absorbed, the three main vein types (red, white, and green veins) are known to produce a predominant effect. The following factors influence how long it might take for those effects to kick in.

The Amount & Type of Kratom Ingested

The strain (ultimately just a blend) and amount of kratom ingested matter. Many people feel that Red Vein strains are the more potent. However, this is very subjective and there just isn’t enough research yet. “Fast” Red Vein strains can have a noticeable effect in as little as 5-10 minutes. Smaller dosages can take longer to kick in. Overall if you’re ever curious, Otie’s Botanicals has sampler packs available if it’s your first time!

Individual Metabolism & Body Composition

After swallowing kratom, the alkaloids are processed through the digestive system. How long it takes before they begin circulating in the bloodstream depends on factors impacting metabolic function, including age, genetics, and body composition. Fast metabolism, faster results.

Food Consumption & Personal Tolerance

Some consumers feel kratom is easier on their stomachs when taken with food. However, servings taken on an empty stomach tend to work faster because of the way the dominant alkaloids interact with digestive system receptors. Delayed onset over time is a sign of kratom tolerance, something best remedied by short-term abstinence or switching strains. However, we always recommend using on a full stomach.

Why the Quality and Type of Kratom Ingested Matters

The potency and quality of a vendor’s Kratom can also affect how long it can take for the effects to kick in. At Otie’s Botanicals, our kratom is third-party tested, a distinction that ensures the purity and overall potency of our impressive inventory. Our customers appreciate having the ability to choose between the following product types.

Kratom Powder

Otie’s Botanicals Kratom Powder can be used in several ways. Some place the powder into their mouths and wash it down with water; others prefer mixing a serving size into a shake or smoothie, making kratom honey balls, or using oblate pouches.

Crushed Kratom Leaf

Otie’s Botanicals Crush Kratom Leaf is most often used to make tea. Some kratom consumers find their tea tastes somewhat bitter, others rather sweet. Crushed Kratom Leaf tea has a reputation for posing less risk of digestive discomfort than kratom powder. Injecting the plant matter can be harsh!

Kratom Tinctures & Extracts

Kratom tinctures and extracts can be swallowed or absorbed sublingually. Oties Botanicals 45% Liquid Kratom Extract is a full spectrum product that provides a well-rounded experience. Our 80% Liquid Kratom Extract is 80% mitragynine.

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Multiple factors can impact how long it takes for Kratom to kick in, including product type, timing with meals, and metabolism. Although many people report feeling their kratom kicking in within 5-10 minutes, others wait up to an hour (or more).

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Image Credit: M.Somchai, Shutterstock