Consuming your favorite kratom product is now simpler, thanks to the various ingestion methods available. For consumers looking for a quick and more effective method of kratom consumption, the toss-and-wash method will offer the desired effect within no time. At Otie’s Botanicals, we provide invaluable tips that help you find value in your favorite kratom product. With our high-quality products, only sourced from reliable Indonesian farms, we ensure whichever method of consumption you choose, you achieve the desired effect.

In this guide, we offer helpful insights on the various ingestion methods as we also help you understand different kratom strains. Most importantly, we help you understand the toss-and-wash method, one of the most effective methods of consuming kratom.

Kratom Ingestion Methods

Whether you are new to kratom or are a veteran consumer, there are different methods of consumption. While the most common methods of consumption are brewing and chewing kratom leaves, there are more effective methods that leave you feeling your best. Often, kratom is processed into a powder, making it easier to prepare and consume.

Kratom capsules offer an excellent method of consumption. Users can also mix this powder with food, smoothies, or even prepare kratom tea.

Kratom Tea Vs. Toss and Wash

Although kratom tea involves mixing kratom powder or crushed leaves with pre-boiled water, the toss-and-wash kratom is all about washing the powder down your throat with water or your favorite beverage. For newbies, kratom tea may be the perfect method as it is easier to measure the serving size and adjust it based on body reaction.

For regular users who need to optimize the effect, the wash-and-toss kratom provides a faster and more effective method that offers the desired feeling within a short time.

Are you wondering how to toss and wash or even the advantages of this quick and easy method of kratom consumption? Here’s a simplified guide that will help you feel reenergized almost instantly.

How to Toss-and-Wash

Toss-and-wash is the fastest and most effective method of ingesting kratom. All you need is a glass of water or your favorite beverage to wash down your favorite kratom strain. Sounds simple, right? Here is what our experts recommend.

Before measuring your serving, have your liquid ready. We encourage you to measure one spoonful of kratom powder and wash it down with a glass of water or juice. While some users enjoy the kratom taste and prefer to wash it down with water, others choose to mask its taste with other beverages, such as fruit juice.

Some people prefer to put the powder in a glass and take a small portion at a time, while others use a spoon and place the entire serving on the tongue. Whichever method you prefer, be careful not to inhale or swallow the powder, as it can irritate your throat or make you cough.

Place your serving of kratom powder on your tongue and then take small sips of your preferred beverage.

Allow the liquid to mix with the kratom powder in your mouth so you can achieve a fine consistency for ease of swallowing. After swallowing, take a few gulps to help wash the kratom down your throat.

We advise users to avoid swallowing kratom powder with carbonated drinks as these beverages may form bubbles, making it hard to swallow the powder.

If the toss-and-wash method isn’t your thing, you can mix the powder with your preferred liquid and take the mixture. Pre-mixing helps eliminate the possibility of choking and also masks the taste of raw kratom, making it easier to consume.

Kratom Strains and Dosage

Kratom comes in three major strains: red, white, and green veins. Each strain helps users achieve a different effect. The red strain is an excellent choice if you are looking for a strain that helps promote peace and calmness. While the green strain helps reduce irritability, the white strain reenergizes the user and enhances motivation. Understanding the different strains helps make an informed choice.

You may also want to try the different strains independently. With time, mixing different strains will help you achieve the desired feeling with just a single serving.

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