Kratom has a long history of ceremonial functions throughout Southeast Asia. Otie’s Botanicals is proud of our role in bringing its numerous benefits stateside, as well as elevating the customer experience and the quality of the kratom industry at large.

Like its cousin, the coffee tree, kratom generates wholly unique effects on the body and mind. As with any food or herb, it’s important to know its effects on the body so you can consume kratom in the most appropriate way for you.

Naturally, this raises the question: how long does kratom last, and what affects its duration? Read on to learn how to enjoy the benefits of kratom according to your timeframe and needs.

Different Types of Kratom and Their Effects

Kratom comes in several varieties, each with their own outcomes and effects. While much of the results and benefits are subjective by nature (and influenced by the environment in which the kratom was grown), the following are the most regularly reported effects for each of our premium kratom strains.

  • Red Leaf: Usually experienced as more sedative and calming
  • White Leaf: Primarily chosen to induce a stimulating, mood-elevating effect
  • Green Leaf: Somewhere between red and white, green kratom tends to provide a type of relaxed alertness
  • Yellow Leaf: Akin to a white/green-leaf blend, albeit more euphoric and energetic than either
  • Gold Leaf: Otie’s gold leaf kratom is a blend of red and green strains – perfect for maintaining an even-keeled energy tempered by an undercurrent of peace and tranquility

Factors Affecting Kratom’s Response Time

Kratom’s response time will be different for each person, and all the more depending on the exact amount consumed and type taken. The quality of a kratom product is another important factor, and we recommend ensuring your source of kratom is fully lab-tested.

The exact response time you can expect also largely depends on the following factors:

  • Metabolism
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Body weight
  • Health conditions and other unique factors, generally speaking, the half-life of kratom.

Kratom’s half-life (the time required for a substance to halve in concentration) is about 24 hours. This means kratom – more specifically, its active compound Mitragynine – will remain in your system for anywhere from 5 to 7 days.

How Long Do the Effects of Kratom Last?

Kratom’s effects are usually felt in 30–60 minutes, and you can expect the euphoric or other qualities to last about 5–7 hours. Depending on the factors described above, these time estimates will vary. With even semi-regular consumption, you’ll get a sense of how soon a given strain takes effect and lasts for you.

Because it takes a bit of time to know how a strain will impact you, it’s best to stick with the minimal recommended serving (or less), wait about an hour, and adjust from there.

Further, it’s possible for your kratom to have a stronger influence on your desired outcome if you’ve also consumed the following:

  • Citric acid
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Chamomile
  • Turmeric
  • Watercress
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Caffeine

Freezing it can also have this effect, and it only takes 30 minutes. Yet take care not to freeze, then thaw, more than you intend to consume in the short-term as it may tamper with the strain’s usefulness.

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Trying kratom for the first time is best done by exploring each type, so you have a bird’s eye view of the terrain and know the effects and duration of each strain. Further, you want to be sure your trusted kratom supplier takes every step necessary to verify the quality of the products.

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