Traveling with kratom may seem innocuous, but certain US jurisdictions see it otherwise. Many states regulate kratom differently, invoking various legal implications for those trying to take kratom across state lines.

Otie’s Botanicals takes our clients’ interests seriously, and we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality products and industry knowledge available. We’ve compiled a short guide of the most important considerations related to kratom legality by state. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to travel with your herbal solution of choice in peace.

Which US States Have Banned Kratom?

As of mid-2024, a half-dozen states have enacted total bans on kratom:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Traveling with kratom in these states could lead to fines and other legal consequences. Note a small handful of municipalities in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, and New Hampshire have restrictions on kratom, whether for sale and/or use. Yet, traveling there with kratom is still perfectly legal.

Of course, legal regulations are always subject to change. Always do your own research before traveling to new places with kratom.

Can You Take Kratom on a Plane?

Because there are no federal regulations on kratom, and it’s not on the DEA’s “controlled substance” list, flying with kratom is technically legal. However, you could have a hard time based on legality in the states you’re flying to and from, as well as the airline’s own rules.

Depending on kratom legality by state, taking domestic flights with kratom may raise some eyebrows, and there’s no telling whether federal employees might convey their findings to state officials. As for airline restrictions, your best bet is simply to ask the airline directly. Their restrictions aren’t laws, but they take legal effect when you agree to their terms and conditions.

International flights are yet another story.

Well over a dozen countries have banned kratom, including Israel, Russia, Australia, Singapore, and many more, so it might be best to keep your kratom at home before traveling internationally.

What if You Want to Take Kratom to a Restricted State?

That depends on the type of restrictions in place. Again, it’s important to do your own legal research, and only licensed attorneys can give you legal advice.

That said, a few precautions stand to reason.

The most cautious approach would be to refrain from travel in any state with bans on possession.

If a municipality has other kratom bans in place, the same discretion would still be prudent.

That’s especially true in large municipalities with bans on kratom consumption, like Denver and San Diego (note the latter enacted a total ban).

At Otie’s Botanicals, you can rest assured of an easy, hassle-free experience, given Delaware’s lack of kratom regulations.

DOs and DON’Ts of Traveling With Kratom

First, the don’ts. In addition to the more overt considerations above, don’t get into the habit of making unnecessary public displays of kratom consumption. Even if it’s perfectly legal in one place, you don’t want to condition yourself into a lax approach in the event traveling with kratom issues arise.

As for the dos, pay attention to jurisdictional boundaries in states with partial or mixed bans that vary between counties or cities. Also, be aware that there are some positive notes surrounding the issue of kratom legality by state. Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Utah have passed regulations on kratom to restrict kratom products with harmful synthetic ingredients.

You’ll get the same peace of mind with our kratom products, voluntarily lab-tested to meet AKA GMP certification standards – the pinnacle in purity standards for kratom products of all kinds.

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