Recent reports show more than two million Americans are Kratom consumers. After learning all they can about how kratom could impact their overall well-being, many people purchasing for the first time start with a Kratom Sample Pack to determine which strains they prefer. But Otie’s Botanicals Samplers aren’t only for beginners.

Experienced Kratom enthusiasts also appreciate a well-put-together sampler pack to ensure they have plenty of options on hand for mixing. In this space, we’ll explore some of the benefits of custom blending and a few popular combinations. But first, we’ll weigh in on safety.

How to Safely Mix Kratom Strains

Kratom strains are highly compatible and can be mixed safely. However, it’s essential for anyone mixing strains to remain mindful of how much they’re ingesting at a time. Blends should not exceed the amounts a Kratom consumer is accustomed to. At Otie’s Botanicals we recommend a servings size of no more than two grams.

Kratom consumers are also advised to sample strains individually before combining their effects so they understand how each variety could make them feel.

Exploring the Effects of Popular Kratom Blends

It’s relatively easy to find information about how various strains impact most Kratom enthusiasts. But everyone is different. With that being said, people typically find the effects of Red Vein kratom calming and relaxing. White Vein kratom is best known as the most stimulating, and Green Vein strains are considered the most balanced. Most people experimenting with the following blends start with a 1:1 ratio (by weight).

Red Vein & White Vein Kratom Blends 

Blending Oties Botanicals Red Bali with White Elephant balances the relaxing effects of the Red Vein strain with the “energizing” properties of a White Vein.  Many kratom enthusiasts find their combined effects similar to Green Vein strains but with a stronger influence.

White Vein & Green Vein Kratom Blends 

Even small amounts of a White Vein strain can make some Kratom consumers feel overstimulated. Blending a White Vein strain like Otie’s Botanicals White Hulu with a more balanced green, our Green Maylay, for example, tempers the “energizing” effects.

Red Vein & Green Vein Kratom Blends 

While best known for balance, Green Vein strains can produce an energizing effect. Kratom consumers looking for a way to counter the sleepiness they feel from strains like our Red Bentuangie find that green varieties, including Oties Botanicals Super Green, are ideal for combating that somewhat sedating effect. 

Reported Benefits of Blending Kratom Strains

It’s not uncommon for people investing in Kratom to purchase a single strain. But over time, many find their regular amounts less effective. Blending and alternating the strains in a Kratom Sample Pack is one of the best ways to avoid “stagnant strain syndrome” without increasing overall consumption.

Based on the feedback of numerous Kratom enthusiasts, mixing Kratom strains not only helps reduce the likelihood of diminished effects, it’s a practice that also encourages exploration, learning more about the intricacies of various strains, and identifying which combinations produce the best effects for their most immediate needs.

Interested in Blending Kratom? Consider Browsing Our Sampler Packs

Purchasing a Kratom Beginner Pack is one of the best ways for less-experienced consumers to learn how they’re impacted by Red, Green, and White Vein Kratom. For more variety, we recommend trying our complete Kratom Sample Pack to experience the best of everything Otie’s Botanical has to offer, including our Yellow Vein varieties.

Otie’s  Botanicals Sampler Pack delivers an impressive 14-gram bag of each strain we sell. We provide a complete list on our product pages. Every product we offer at Otie’s Botanicals is third-party tested, reasonably priced, and quality-assured. See how Otie’s can help you in your quest for kratom today!


Image Credit: J-Chan Studio, Shutterstock